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Motivational Dialogue (DM) is an extremely interesting modern method of working with a difficult patient.

It is based on a humanistic approach, systemic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, the psychology of creativity  and the psychology of motivation.

Its creators Prof. William Miller and Prof. Stephen Rolnick.

The method allows you to work effectively with the so-called "difficult client", people with self-destructive behavior, addiction, resistance. Used 

with other psychological rehabilitation programs, in the treatment of patients with various somatic diseases or in the rehabilitation of people with injuries or diseases of the motor organs.

As studies in the field of alcohol addiction show, the use of motivational dialogue significantly affects the effects of therapy, reduces the phenomenon of resistance.

This is an effective method of working to correct lack of motivation, find and increase motivation in patients and help them overcome various life difficulties. 

You can read more about the method

The COURSE is conducted by Veronika Avgustinovich, trainer, psychologist, coach and Doctor of Humanities, lecturer at the Catholic University of Lublin. 

The course is designed for 100 hours. A maximum of 16 people can take part. The practical course is conducted live online. Price with certificate PLN 2000 

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