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Welcome to the webinar on dealing with violence




program for

perpetrators of domestic



During the course, you will get acquainted with a program that you can use not only with perpetrators of domestic violence.


Often many of us use the means of violence. Without realizing it.


The course materials are designed for both men and women and were written on the basis of courses organized by Mark Preisner of the Polish American Association, Chicago USA Partner Abuse Intervention Program.


On course

you will learn

what is violence and what are its forms

how violence manifests itself and what is its purpose

how to conduct classes for perpetrators of domestic violence

learn what assertive behavior is

an intervention method that is applicable both in working with addiction and as a social mirror

what methods are child abuse and how to avoid it




work with people with problems with violence

work with feelings, including the method of artetherapy

work and conduct classes on assertiveness

basics of proper communication





step-by-step notes with scenarios for 24 activities with men and women


completion of the course on dealing with perpetrators of domestic violence in PDF


Cost of participation


150 zlotys - 34 euros!

The number of participants is limited!


30 -31.10.2020



Get a recording of the webinar, which will be active for two weeks


Sending of materials of course notes - immediately after payment





Natalia Voitsel

Psychologist, teacher, neurotherapist. Author of scientific articles on the rehabilitation of children with developmental disabilities (according to the method of András Peto) and scientific work on neuropsychology and personality psychology. President of the Polish Charitable Foundation "Gdy Liczy się Czas" 

She graduated from certified courses in artetherapy, fairy tale therapy,   work with the body, biofeedback (biofeedback method) passed master classes in working with trauma,   with feelings, work with domestic violence, assertiveness.  Conducted trainings and master classes on family issues, personal growth courses.

 I am an addiction and codependency counselor. Участвовала и проводила международные семинары и конференции по психологии, Сотрудничаю по вопросам   психоонкологии  с Фондом Польский Миграционный Форум, Польским Товариществом Психоонкологов. Author of programs for children and youth on addiction prevention, healthy lifestyle education and environmental responsibility. 

I organize and conduct international educational projects in cooperation with the UNESCO Department of the Academy of Special Pedagogy (Warsaw)



Dariusz Alisherov

Leading educational programs for perpetrators of violence, both men and women

Co-author of the abstract of work with perpetrators of domestic violence

Member of the Batory Foundation.

Conducting classes both in Poland and abroad, including at the invitation of the UN.


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